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Where Your New You Begins…

How much is your freedom worth to you? Would you like having someone tell you when or what you can eat, when you can sleep or for how long, what you can wear or not wear, where you can go or not go, and countless other freedoms that you take for granted everyday.. No? Believe it or not if you are not eating a nutritional diet and exercising regularly then you are well on your way to loosing these freedoms!

Amazing as it may seem, the risk of EVERY SINGLE ONE of these diseases can be greatly reduced or even prevented! Yet millions of Americans throw their freedom of choice and even their lives away every day because of poor eating habits, unhealthy lifestyles, stress and lack of exercising.
You will notice that # 5 on the list is accidents. You may ask how accidents can be prevented by just being healthy? Simple, athletic people have faster reflexes. They also are not carrying extra weight that makes it harder to control a fall or a slip. Remember “a balanced body is a balanced mind”.
As a healthy person you are more aware of their surroundings. Your ability to foresee an accident before it happens is half the battle. Fewer accidents mean fewer trips to the emergency room and the need for higher insurance coverage. Health care costs are at the forefront of every topic on the news right now, but if you take care of your body then these health problems listed above will not be an issue for you. You can save thousands in health insurance alone just by being a low risk.

Get The Results You Desire!

I have had over 26 years of personal involvement in weight training and the fitness industry. I am also a National level competitive bodybuilder.
I understand the problems and issues faced by men and women that may have kept you from reaching your fitness goals in the past. I train people of all levels of fitness, whether you are just beginning or a high level athlete. No matter your age, physical limitations, health or weight issues I can open a whole new world of healthy possibilities for you and your loved ones.
My motto is:

                              “Nothing is impossible to achieve. It’s up to you where you will set your limitations”

I currently am available to train you at your gym or on line using Skype. My programs of exercises are custom designed around your special needs. I offer a complete workout program that will stretch, balance and build strength while bringing into alignment the natural movement of your body. I will show you how to get the maximum results from your weight lifting by showing you the correct form and technique.
I believe in a program of healthy eating, regular daily exercises mixed with resistant weight training. Through this life style I can show you how to turn back the hands of time and allow you to enjoy the incredible body you were blessed with.
Imagine living a pain free life, full of energy and free of the stresses that have caused your body to age prematurely. Imagine people always guessing your age as being 10 to 15 years younger than you really are! This is not a fantasy! I have been helping people, just like you, accomplish that. I am living proof that my system works! Contact me and let’s get you back on the right track to enjoying all that your wonderful body is capable of!


• FREE Consultation and goal evaluation ($100. Value)

 Nutritional Education and Meal Planning Course (2 hours) $175.
 Course includes:
      o Understanding better eating habits
      o Education about serving size
      o Education about how to prepare healthier meals that are satisfying and fast
      o How to eat out in social settings sensibly and not break your diet

• Personalized Diet Outline for Optimum Health – 6 week course $600
  Course includes:
    o Home visit to evaluate eating and shopping habits
    o 3 Personalized grocery shopping sessions. I will go with you to the store and help you better understand the choices that you need to make when buying food so you can create a healthier diet for you and your family
     o Supplement education: what you really need and don’t need
     o 6 weekly evaluations to see how you are progressing
     o E-mail, text and phone access to address any problems you may be having during your 6 week course
     o $50 off this program if coupled with a month of personal training!

• 12 Week Weight Loss Program $1200
 Course includes:
 o Start weight with before photo. (Weekly photos to show your progress!)
     o Complete daily diet outline
     o 3 Personalized grocery shopping sessions
     o Weekly evaluations
     o E-mail, phone and text support to keep you on target.
     o Receive $100 off this package if coupled with a personal training workout plan.

I include  these additional services if you buy both a nutrition program and a workout program

  • Free cardio schedule
  • $100. worth of free supplements to help  you in your quest for optimum health
  • Graduation certificate award w/ celebration dinner complimentary of me.