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I have had 30 years of personal involvement in weight training, athletics and the fitness industry. I am a National level competitive bodybuilder in the NPC and I have been competing since 1988. I have been a power lifter, played Ice Hockey, competed in track and field, and ran cross country. I am an accomplished Horse trainer and  I have competed in Equestrian jumping events, endurance distance events and Rodeo’s.
All my life I have been an avid outdoors person. My greatest joy comes from having a fit body that can do whatever I ask it to do. I want to show you how to have the same relationship with your body.

I am a mature athlete, and as such, I understand the issues faced by men and women who are older and have difficulty now reaching their fitness goals. No matter what your age is, what your physical limitations may be, or what health or weight issues you may have, I can open a whole new world of healthy possibilities for you.


When you hire me as your Trainer, I will give you real results that you can see!
I AM NOT A “RENT A FRIEND FOR AN HOUR”! When you hire me you will not spend our time together chatting, texting, or playing with your music. You will train and you will train hard!
Nothing is more irritating to me then to see someone in the gym who is working with a “Personal Trainer” and yet that person hasn’t changed a bit in 6 months. My programs of exercises are custom designed around your special needs. I offer a complete workout program that will stretch, balance and build your strength. I am not a flavor of the month type of trainer. I do not use the latest hyped workout. I use only tried and true methods! The same methods that I have used over the last 30 years to build the body I have. I will show you how to get the maximum results from your weight lifting and training, in the shortest amount of time, by showing you the correct form and technique.


• Free initial consultation to evaluate your goals and help you set those goals into motion

• ½ hour workout $25.
• 1 hour workout $45.
• 1 month program- 10 one hour sessions $400.
• 1 month program -15 one hour sessions * $600.
• 3 month program 2 times a week (full hour)** $1200
• 3 month program 3 times a week (full hour)** $1800
• 6 month program 2 times a week (full hour)** $2400
• 6 month program 3 times a week (full hour)** $3600

* Includes free one hour nutrition educational class
** Includes two free grocery shopping trips to educate you on better food buying choices

Receive better results and savings when you combine a weight training package & a diet plan package!

3 & 6 month programs are subject to a partial refund (50%) only if requested within 4 weeks of starting due to death, family or health issues only

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